Brother Ali, Roma di Luna added to the Current's 6th birthday bash lineup

Now that the show is good and sold out, the Current has unveiled the final two acts of its five-band local bill in the Mainroom on Friday, January 21. Brother Ali and Roma di Luna will join Free Energy, Jeremy Messersmith, and Cloud Cult for the station's sixth birthday party, which sold out in record time as soon as tickets went on sale last month.

Aside from Free Energy, each of these bands has headlined their own shows at First Avenue before and Cloud Cult and Brother Ali easily sell out the club each time they play, so it's really no wonder that tickets were snatched up so fast with only three-fifths of the lineup announced.

At this point, the only way into the show is to find a ticket on Craigslist (they are averaging $75-$100 per pair right now), tempt fate with the scalpers on the day of the show (last year people outside the club were asking for $100 or more), or listen to the Current for a chance to win.

For a show that was originally on sale for $12 to MPR members, the birthday party is shaping up to be one hot ticket.

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