Brother Ali releases new demo tape, Left in the Deck

Brother Ali releases new demo tape, Left in the Deck
Photo By Erik Hess

The level of success that Brother Ali achieved with Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color brought the talented local MC all around the world. Growing audiences identified with his incisive, politically charged songs and message of unity and enlightenment.

But rather than letting a long time out on the road keep him from writing and recording new material, Ali has been busy with producer Jake One, making new songs in hotel rooms and anywhere else that he felt inspired. And the raw, spirited results of Ali's efforts have just been made available on a new demo tape called Left in the Deck.

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The new half-hour mix, which you can currently stream for free above, features 10 intense, dynamic songs, without any overproduction to clean up or cloud the untamed spirit of the tracks themselves.

Ali has this to say about Left in the Deck:

"As we embark on the War And Peace Tour with my brother, Immortal Technique, I'm excited to release a new musical project. Left In The Deck is a collection of 10 raw, grimy recordings made in basements and hotel rooms around the world. This demo-tape style release was produced entirely by Jake One. It hasn't been polished up for the market or cleaned for the radio. These songs were left in their original demo form and are intended only for my family of direct supporters. The beats are grimy and I feel like this is some of the best rhyming I've ever captured on tape. I want to release this directly to you."

In addition to streaming Left in the Deck for free, any fan who buys a Brother Ali shirt on his upcoming fall tour will get a free download card for the album. But for those of you who can't make it to any of his shows, you can also get a download of the new record by pre-ordering this sweet "Cassette" T-shirt directly from Fifth Element.

Here's the track listing and cover art for Brother Ali's Left in the Deck:

Brother Ali releases new demo tape, Left in the Deck

Side A
Dial Tone
Grandma and Them
Digital Age
Never Stoppin'
Not a Day Goes By

Side B
Well Okay
Phantom of the Opera
Rapper Thing
Devil's Arms

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