Brother Ali and Nardwuar, together at last

Brother Ali and Nardwuar, together at last

Brother Ali was not gonna get out of Vancouver without a battle of wits with the great Canadian interviewer Nardwuar the Human Serviette, who asks questions for Stans the world over. Obviously, this is great. "You love blaxploitation, don't you?" "Um..." "The movies!" "Thank you for clarifying."

And things go on quite interesting tangents from then on. You get a lengthy shout out to Babes in Toyland's drummer Lori Barbero, Derrick "Delite" Stevens AKA MC Skat Kat, and a story about what happens when Prince hears Ali's "Fresh Air" played in his home. Ali's own comment on the Purple One: "Everything he does is full of sex." Watch this already!

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Actually, our favorite part is when Ali says "I'm not going to Curren$y you" -- meaning he won't steal all of the rare records Nardwuar has unearthed to show him -- and then immediately backtracks and says how nice of a dude he is. This is Ali funny and astute as ever.

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