Britney Spears' life in Neil Hamburger's sad crosshairs

​Neil Hamburger, sad sack extraordinaire, has in recent weeks launched a campaign of zingers against America's beloved treasure, Ms. Britney Spears. We thought you should see them. They're um, pretty terrible...

Terrible funny! Heh.

For those not familiar, Neil Hamburger is a sad piece of shit who takes out his disdain and frustrations with scorched one-liners and right-angle observations on comedy and musical audiences around the world. He's the greatest or the worst, depending on how adept you are at letting them wash over you like cold coffee. Sort of like "seeing" magic-eye posters.

Another short intro: Britney Spears is a 29-year-old pop singer. She has had a tumultuous run through the cogs of cultural industry, and after 12 years is looking a bit glassy in the eye, a little loose in the skull and a bit worse for the wear.

It started off innocently enough, two weeks ago, with this tweet:

Quickly followed by:

From there Mr. Hamburger hit his stride in delicately critiquing Spears' parenting ability, prescription drug abuse, cultural cachet, and generally antagonizing her supportive fans. It's really a shame that people can be so cruel. What follows are our favorites. And if these aren't enough, you can follow the fun at Neil Hamburger's Twitter account.

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