Bridge Club: The Scorched Capsule

Bridge Club
The Scorched Capsule

Is it mean and uptight and unfun of me to say that I've had my fill of garage rock? That my psyche's been thoroughly blown and my hips sufficiently shook? Bridge Club do the hormone-fueled retro thing better than anyone else in town, but the new album treads the same swaths cut by shaggy-haired Nuggets-era hoodlums 40 years ago—the same ones the trio itself followed on 2004's Summer of the Jackal. Still, The Scorched Capsule has its charms. "On the Take" is peppered with cowbell and noodly guitar solos, while Mike Koch's tom-bruising fills bolster the arena rock groove of "Skiffle Spazz." And the high school-nostalgic slow number "Picture Show" is convincingly sweet, despite the fact that we all know what's going on "in the back row." But "The Scene" suggests that Bridge Club might be aware they're making the best of a genre that's naturally, understandably tired: "This scene is dumb, I think we're done/It's time to start over again." Now if only they'd break out of the garage and try something different.