Brian Setzer joins Conan on stage for a jam session

Brian Setzer joins Conan on stage for a jam session

The whole town has been abuzz with Conan O'Brien gossip the past two days, and our favorite bit of CoCo gossip was hearing that local musician and Stray Cat Brian Setzer took the stage for a jam session. Our friends Jake and Mercedes Rudh were at the show, and sent us the above shot of O'Brien and Setzer rocking out. "Here I thought Conan was rocking the town just fine on his own, then he went and invited Brian Setzer on stage to rock it with him and minds were completely blown," Jake says. "There's no doubt the two of them togther have got cat class and cat style!"

For more photos from last night, check out our slideshow by Stacy Schwartz and bonus shots from Jake and Mercedes Rudh, as well as this ridiculous video that MPLS.TV filmed outside the Orpheum before the show:

Conan's a Bear Necessity (NSFW) from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

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