Bret Michaels to bounce back at Medina Friday

1988, Los Angeles. Poison's Open Up and Say...Ahh! peaks at #2 on the American charts. By the end of the next year the band will have become one of the top five best-selling hard rock bands of the 1980s, behind Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Gn'R and the Crüe.

It don't get better than this.

Fast forward 22 years and Bret Michaels, former lead singer for Poison, has endured the dissolution then reconciliation of his relationship with helium-voiced bandmate C.C. Deville -- supposedly because C.C. didn't like the sap song Michaels had written about roses having thorns. He's endured reality television, first on Rock of Love, then as a judge on Nashville Star -- country music's response to American Idol -- and most recently as the winning contestant on Celebrity Apprentice 3, his proceeds going to benefit diabetes, which he was diagnosed with at the age of six. He's endured his very own Pamela Anderson sex tape scandal. He's endured, s'cuse me, enjoyed a duet with Miley Cyrus, the first single on his 2010 album Custom Built.

But the thing Michaels has most recently endured that's been on everyone's minds -- the massive subarachnoid hemorrhage he suffered in late April, weeks after an emergency appendectomy. Initially reported as being in critical condition, Michaels seemed to bounce right back but soon thereafter was readmitted to the hospital after experiencing numbness to half his body, likely a warning stroke having to do with a new and unrelated diagnosis of patent foramen ovale, or a hole in the heart.

I like it when you talk dirty to me, but premature talk of Bret Michaels' possible demise? This is the kind of dirty talk I do not like. Dudes, have no fear. Bret Michaels has gotten into a fistfight with C.C. Deville and lived to tell the tale. He's crashed his Ferrari into a telephone pole, broken ribs, fingers, nose and lost teeth, and walks and talks and holds his head high under that pretty little bandana still today. He's done so much coke and so much Pam Anderson vagina, and still roams the earth just as the rest of us.

After all this and just a little brain and heart trouble, he will be entertaining Minnesotans at the Medina Entertainment Center this Friday night (7:00, $33).

Clearly, this is no small feat, and it is quite possible Bret Michaels is the new god thumpers across the Bible Belt oughtta be saluting. Incredible.

We're pullin' for ya, Bret.

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