Bret Michaels injured while walking off stage


You know you're really famous when you get injured on national television and the entire country takes a moment out of their workday to watch a clip of it on YouTube and laugh at you.

At least that must be what Bret Michaels is thinking today, two days after his now-famous mishap at the Tony Awards. In case you haven't seen it -- or actually even if you have, because it's worth watching at least a handful of times -- here's a clip of the incident.

And here's a shot of him getting clotheslined from closer up:

Poor Stockard Channing, carrying on without a clue that the world's most famous reality dating show star is bleeding on the stage behind her.

Today the extent of Michaels' injuries were revealed: following the show, he was taken to the hospital, administered X-rays, and diagnosed with a fractured nose and split lip. He received three stitches in his lip and a CAT scan for good measure.

Michaels' rep Joann Mignano gave Rolling Stone's music blog this hilarious rundown of the mishap: "He told me, 'All I remember is Shrek and the donkey helping me up, and Liza [Minnelli] giving me a towel.'"

Ok, back to watching the video clip on repeat and giggling.