BreakThru Radio shines spotlight on Twin Cities music

BreakThru Radio shines spotlight on Twin Cities music

As part of their monthly "Spotlight on the City" series, online podcast site BreakThru Radio recently uploaded an hour-and-a-half episode devoted entirely to our local scene. The list of bands compiled for the episode is impressive; music director Lottie Leymarie explores tracks from a wide range of groups, giving listeners a nice cross-section of what one might find stumbling in and out of clubs in the Twin Cities on any given night.

Stream the podcast over on BreakThru Radio's site, and see the track listing below.

BreakThru Radio's Spotlight on the Twin Cities episode

00:00 Spotlight on the Twin Cities
00:31 Broadcasting Images of Sad Films-Dada Trash Collage
04:58 10,100-Magic Castles           
07:57 Run-Velvet Davenport
09:17 Diamond Eyes-Hildur Victoria   
13:20 In Remembrance Of The Pottersfield Special-Painted Saints
18:53 Spotlight on the Twin Cities
19:41 Brighter Side-Kristoff Krane   
22:04 Boys and Girls-The Alpha Centauri   
27:14 Into The Clouds-The Starfolk   
30:00 Knots & Nots That Are Tied & Tangled-We Are The Willows           
34:32 Sleep and The Heart-Dearling Physique       
38:47 Spotlight on the Twin Cities
39:31 Red Embassy-Buildings
43:22 It's Graphite-Colder In Moscow               
45:54 Affection-Me And My Arrow   
49:35 Cubby Bear-Flavor Crystals
52:09 Take A Number-Fort Wilson Riot
58:10 All The Little Boxes-The Nina The Pinta
60:36 Spotlight on the City
61:06 Worker Bee-Zoo Animal       
64:05 From My Old-Chastity Brown
68:35 Untitled 101-Peter Wolf Crier   
70:43 The Hand-Dark Dark Dark               
74:22 Spotlight on the Twin Cities   
75:!7 Savings -History Books

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