Breaking News: Scott Stapp not dead


In a discovery that may shock thousands, Scott Stapp, founder and frontman of the defunct soul rock outfit Creed, is not, as was previously reported by this blog, dead. The discovery, which came after some light footwork early this afternoon, may explain his silence in the Ouija Interview that Gimme Noise attempted just hours ago.

In addition to not being dead, Stapp is working on a future solo album, and has reportedly been invited to join the barely surviving members of Led Zeppelin on their forthcoming album.

Few can blame us for the erroneous presumption regarding Stapp's death. Stapp's absence from popular culture has been so complete that any other explanation seemed absurd, and researching his current biological state prior to attempting the Ouija Interview seemed wholly unnecessary. Still, we apologize for having toyed with the hopes of our readers.