BREAKING: Hold Steady drummer has a gong

The Hold Steady showed up on Pitchfork TV this week burning through songs on a Brooklyn rooftop in the afternoon sun. The live video series Don't Look Down is Pitchfork's answer to Vincent Moon's brilliant and beautiful Take-Away Shows. But that's not the news here. The news is the gong--as in: The Hold Steady has one.

Video footage after the jump.

Drummer Bobby Drake has taken a bold leap into the pantheon of rock drummers--from Led Zeppelin's John Bonham to The Melvins' Dale Crover--who toil in the shadow of China's ancient Han Dynasty (that's gong history, deadbeat).

See for yourself. Here's Constructive Summer (and the gong):

Here's Sequestered in Memphis (and the gong):

Pitchfork promises to post more here.

Did you miss Andrea Myers' review of The Hold Steady's last visit to Minneapolis?

Need a primer on The Hold Steady? I didn't think so.

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