Boyish MN pop star Owl City relives '90s boyhood with Hanson

A scene from the "Unbelievable" video.

A scene from the "Unbelievable" video.

Owl City, an honorary member of Peter Pan's Lost Boys, loves the '90s. He also loves savvy marketing, which is why Minnesota's biggest contemporary pop star ostensibly recorded a BuzzFeed list put to song, "Unbelievable," with "MMMbop" masterminds Hanson. An animated video for the bubbly, wistful, half-rapped ode to Clinton-era pop culture was issued last week. The synth-y nostalgia overdose is accompanied by a "Good Time"- alluding whistle hook and oh-so-many references. Among them: 


The Lion King

Power Wheels

MC Hammer

Jurassic Park

Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff

Saved by the Bell


... it really just keeps on going. And based off the 576,000-ish views the video has earned, there appears to be high demand for the musical listicle. Satiate yourself below. 

Owl City (a.k.a. Owatonna's Adam Young) is set to release Mobile Orchestra, his fifth album, on July 10. Just a handful of reviews have trickled in, including one from Christian music website Jesus Freak Hideout that leads with, "Owl City has single-handedly changed the landscape of pop music over the years, consistently putting out some of the best music the genre has these days," yet shortchanges with just four out of five stars. The album features guests aplenty, including Hanson,  Top 40 belter Aloe Blacc, country bro Jake Owen, Christian pop singer Britt Nicole, and more. Secular newspaper USA Today declared it the Album of the Week

Young, 29, teased Orchestra singles "Verge" (a club-y dance track) and "My Everything" (a big-up to J.C.) earlier this year. 

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