Bowie gets creepy spider named after him

Bowie gets creepy spider named after him

We have some funky ways of immortalizing our idols. Matt Damon gets an honorary diploma from Harvard, David Bowie gets a big, hairy spider named after him. Fitting, really-- we're sure both essentially meaningless honors made their recipients happy as hell.

The naming stunt, which has branded a rare yellow spider, recently discovered in regions of Malaysia, with Bowie's name, is part of an effort to raise awareness about a plague of extinctions threatening those fearsome eight-legged freaks. Consider it a success--all this time, we were going about our business blissfully unaware that these creepy crawlies were being exterminated. Take a gander at the picture above, and say the name: "Heteropoda davidbowie."

It was entymologist Peter Jager's brainchild-- he discovered the spider recently and got the honors of handing down its scientific. He bucked all scientific tradition by eschewing the Latin taxonomy-- one could practically hear beakers crashing off of lab tables in Universities worldwide.

We tried to find if other celebreties have had animals named after them. But after a few seconds of futile Googling, we just decided to make some shit up. Enjoy!

Manchurian bowel worm-- tagia stappia, named for Creed frontman Scott Stapp.
Martian hobo-- clintona galactica, named for funk idol George Clinton.
Animated roadrunner-- acellerati incredibus.
Argentinina hirsute ground squirrel-- marmota wailliamata, named for Robin Williams.
Glenn Beck-- homo stultus, named for pundit Glenn Beck.

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