Boutique Canned Oxygen: A Bunch of Hot Air

A curious package arrived at the City Pages office the other day. It was four small spray canisters of a new product called Oxygen Plus, which is simply air made of 90 percent oxygen (normal air is about 21 percent). At first, we didn't even know what it was used for, but a quick scan of the directions made its use sound fairly easy: Open mouth, spray oxygen in to mouth, breathe. So we tried it.

And... Well, we just didn't get it. A group of us stood around, more or less like a bunch of idiots, spraying oxygen in mouths to see if we felt anything than when we normally breathe. The literature Oxygen Plus provided us claimed that by giving our bodies a higher level of oxygen we could expect increased energy, mental clarity, and alleviated hangover symptoms -- all benefits that would be greatly appreciated around the CP office. After each of us had taken the typical dose of 3-5 breaths, nobody really felt any effect, except perhaps a bit lightheaded from breathing in as hard as we could and ashamed for trying such a snobbish product.

Boutique Canned Oxygen: A Bunch of Hot Air

Maybe we were just trying the wrong Oxygen Product. Oxygen Plus, base in Mahtomedi, has a whole line of enriched oxygen products for sale. Their air comes in peppermint, which is what we tried, and pink grapefruit, and it has a couple of delivery methods, that range in price from $14.99- $47.50. The company's flagship product is the O+ Stick, a reusable plastic case you place long cylinders of oxygen in. But, I have a feeling that, with our uncultured O2 palates, we'd have felt the same way regardless of which flavor oxygen or the kind of can. I also have a feeling we'll see Lyndsay Lohan running toting one, and perhaps using it to ward off paparazzi. Canned oxygen might just be too superfluous to fail.

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