Bootsy Collins in videos: From the JBs to 'Tha Funk Capital of the World'


If you are not hip to the funk and his most excellency, creator and pioneer of the funk bass form William Earl "Bootsy" Collins, then there isn't much I can do for you. You likely live a sad and miserable life.


But alas, it's not too late. You are in luck. The only one who can is Mr. Bootzilla himself and he will be doing so tonight in the First Avenue Mainroom, bringing his legendary star glasses and astrological slap bass back to town.

On the newest slab of nasty funk, Tha Funk Capital of the World, fellow P-Funksters George Clinton and Bernie Worrell bring the jams along with an exhausting list of guest shots from Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Chuck D to Shiela E., George Duke, Bela Flek, and Ron Carter. Bootsy's late brother Phelps "Catfish," who passed on last year, had already worked on a cut, and throws down some funk-flavored wisdom along with the ghosts of Jimi Hendrix and party MCs Reverend Al Sharpton, Cornell West and Samuel Jackson. Oh yeah, bizarro guitarist Buckethead even shows up on the record just to show that funk is for everybody.

Bootsy Collins hyping his new record "Tha Funk Capital of the World" on WNYC:

Having just launched a U.S. tour, Bootsy is bringing the funk to the masses this summer with his 13-piece "Funk U-NITY" band, which reunites the Boots on stage with the equally legendary original P-Funker Worrell behind the keys and former Headhunter and P-Funk guitarist Blackbyrd McKnight.

Consider this your funk primer for the day. What we have here are some of the highlights from Bootsy's long funky career, bringing the funk in one form or another with the JBs, Parliament and leading his own brigade of funksmanship with Bootsy's Rubber Band. And for more on Bootsy, read our interview with the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer and master of funk here.


17-year-old Bootsy on bass with James Brown in 1971

Bootsy sports an amazing afro, "Stretching Out" in 1976

Parliament 1976

Bootsy bass solo 1978

Bootsy teaches his basic funk formula

Dee-Lite with Bootsy at Rock in Rio '91

P-Funk All Stars with Bootsy at Woodstock '99

Bootsy and Snoop for Undercover Brother

Here's an awesome documentary from the Unsung series all about the Bootsman.