Bono is Respectable, by Amelia Huff, Age 10 1/2

Guess who is going to see a U2 concert at Target Center in Septembar? A certain girl and her dad. A certain girl named AMELIA and her dad called LLOYD. Give up? Its me! And the dad named Lloyd is my dad! Wer'e going to see the band U2!!!! Its my first concert. And Im going even though my mom is being a total B-word about it! (Whats new?)

If you dont know this band, may I remind you of a HIT single from last year? It went "Hello hello! OLA! I found a place for her to go!" I would sing it for you but I cant sing on a blog. Sorry! Your loss because my Choral teacher says i have a very *Adequate* voice for my age. That means Im talented. She says its OK to be an alto even if you dont get much attention and they make you stand in the very far back.

My dad said in order to go to a concert you need to prepare. You need to listen to all the CDs of the band so you know the songs and can sing along and not feel like a Poser. Luckily he has evry U2 CD there is. This weekend I am going to visit him and we are going to listen to only U2. Dad's wife Megan will probably get mad because she only likes stupid piano ladies like Tori Amos. Im going to be all like "Too bad Megan! Me and dad are going to listen to OUR STUFF and if you want to listen to piano ladies you should move back to Florida, where you should have stayed anyway, Big-Butt."

The best part of U2 is the singer who's name is Bono. He is very cool and boy does he know it! He wears Sun Glasses all the time even though there is no sun in Ireland. (Thats why all Irish people look kind of like dough.) Bono is not like other singers. Hes very smart and respectable.  Hes more like a doctor or teacher than a rock singer. I think I read that he has aids. Hes a very Inspirational person and I hope I get a back stage pass like I did at the Shrine Circus last year. Only Bono is better then a clown.

Septembar is SOOOOO far away. I'm going to be in sixth grade by then. I will look a lot older and bigger if you know what I mean. I will probably have a boyfreind finally.


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