Bon Jovi books local contest winners as openers this Wednesday & Thursday

Select Three, one of the winners of KQRS' Bon Jovi contest
Select Three, one of the winners of KQRS' Bon Jovi contest

Bon Gibroni (just kidding he's a solid dude) is playing two days this week, tomorrow and Thursday at the Xcel Energy Center for what will surely be a feathered affair. For his stop in the Cities he agreed to what could be a cool idea: a contest, the winners of which would get to open for him each night. The contest, conducted by KQRS, ended up with these two winners.

On Thursday, hailing from the western suburbs we have Four Forty and their seriously center-current Mellencamp vibe, singing about how trouble just keeps coming out the foxhole and the speed he drives (100 miles an hour).

Tomorrow Minneapolis's own Select Three open, pushing hi-fructose pop sometimes made with rock instruments and listing as influences such as Jason Mraz, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, and Esmee Denters (?). They are obviously being groomed, winning $65,000 worth of pizza last year and recording with serious stares. Nobody could do that alone.

Both of these bands/entities are essentially boilerplate, some polished unknowns and lucky ducks to take a bite out of the stadium before Bon Jovi rides their asses to midnight, or crudités town or 30 Rockefeller Center or wherever that smile takes them.

mp3: Four Forty, "Heart of Coal"

mp3: Select Three, "It Isn't Love"

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