Bon Jovi adds local Allison Scott to Xcel bill tonight

Bon Jovi adds local Allison Scott to Xcel bill tonight
Photo by Steve Cohen

Local pianist and singer-songwriter Allison Scott has been added as an opener at tonight's Bon Jovi concert at the Xcel Center. According to a press release, Jon Bon Jovi added Scott to the bill after reading CJ's column in the Star Tribune about Scott's disappointment with the contest. Apparently, Scott was informed by KQRS that she had won the contest, only to find out later that there was a mistake with the voting calculations and that she wouldn't actually be chosen to perform.

Bon Jovi felt bad about the mistake, so he took action this afternoon. "Upon reading about the unfortunate miscommunication, Jon Bon Jovi immediately made the call to correct the station's error and add Alison Scott and her band, along with the other radio winner, fourforty to the bill to become one of two opening acts tonight," his publicist said.

That Bon Jovi. What a guy!

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