Bon Iver's records both certified gold in the same week

Bon Iver's records both certified gold in the same week
Photo By Stacy Schwartz

After a lengthy and highly successful world tour over the past year and a half (including a memorable show at the Orpheum in late 2011), things have finally started to quiet down a bit in the Bon Iver camp. But that doesn't bring an end to the steady stream of accolades and musical achievements that the Eau Claire-based band continues to receive.

Within this past week, it was announced that both Bon Iver records, the 2008 debut For Emma, Forever Ago, and 2011's Grammy winning Bon Iver, Bon Iver, have both been certified as Gold Records by the Recording Industry Association of America.

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This impressive distinction by the RIAA recognizes that both full-lengths have sold over 500,000 copies in the United States, certainly a reason for Justin Vernon and the rest of his talented band to celebrate, as well as their dedicated indie label Jagjaguwar, especially given the sad state of the music industry as of late.

Bon Iver's records both certified gold in the same week
Image courtesy of Jagjaguwar

But rather than trot the band out for a commemorative victory lap, Vernon has instead planned a much more low-profile way to celebrate. He's reconvened his obscure side project, the Shouting Matches, which he formed with Peter Wolf Crier drummer Brian Moen and Megafaun's Phil Cook, and they are heading to the California desert to play the Coachella music festival.

That's quite a massive jump back into the musical pool for the Shouting Matches, and local music fans are definitely hoping that the trio plays some warm-up shows in the area before they head out to Coachella.

No matter what direction Vernon decides to go in the future, it certainly must be gratifying and quite meaningful to him that a musical project that he started alone in a cabin has now blossomed into a band that has sold a million-plus albums in the United States alone, while reaching the hearts of many more listeners throughout the world.

So, congratulations certainly go out to Justin Vernon and the entire Bon Iver and Jagjaguwar family (who shared some Parks and Rec-related gifs to show just how happy they are) on the two Gold Records. Hopefully, everyone involved has some more musical magic planned for all of us fans in the years to come.

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