Bon Iver's Justin Vernon to guest DJ the Current's Local Show

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon to guest DJ the Current's Local Show
Photo by Nate Ryan

Minnesota and Wisconsin share a love of beer, a semi-friendly football rivalry, and a tendency towards passive-aggressive behavior. Both states are lush and green, and there's either a Bachmann or a Walker around to keep people talking.

To show an extra level of kinship to Wisconsin, 89.3 The Current is taking its Local Show and heading over to handy Eau Claire (Update: Only the mindset is heading there, not the studio) to seek out their great local music that still feels pretty local to Twin Citizens. Without the Badger State, we wouldn't have Bon Iver, the Violent Femmes, the Promise Ring, and so much more.

So on the evening of September 23 at 6 p.m. CST, listeners can tune in to two whole hours of the Current's Local Show -- Eau Claire County edition. Justin Vernon himself will be a special guest DJ, sharing his favorites from the area, and Daredevil Christopher Wright will also make an appearance.

To help supplement the show, the Current is asking for submissions from local bands and artists that reside in the Eau Claire County (and Chippewa County too). They're taking digital and physical, and they want as much as possible -- and quickly, because the deadline is Tuesday, September 18.

Are you in a band in Eau Claire? Do you have a friend who has a band in Eau Claire? Do you maybe want to take your band to Eau Claire and pretend to be Wisconsinites for a minute to get some radio play? Now is your chance.

Digital submissions (wavs or mp3s only) and a one-sheet can be emailed to Jon Schober at [email protected] and Andrea Swensson at [email protected].

Physical submissions, along with a one-sheet, can be snail mailed to: The Local Show c/o John Schober Minnesota Public Radio
 480 Cedar St.
 St. Paul, MN 55101

Come on, Wisconsin. More at The Local Current blog.

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