Bon Iver's Grammys poster is far worse than Skrillex's

The past 24 hours have been admittedly strange for the cult of Justin Vernon. As has already been discussed in detail, Bon Iver's self-titled, pastoral folk album is up for four Grammys at the February 12 show, and these are in major categories that seem to be within reach. Vernon recently publicly expressed that this whole type of attention from the Recording Academy makes him uncomfortable.

In addition to his whole "Everyone should go home, this is ridiculous" thing, if Bon Iver wins at the 54th annual Grammy Awards, he should not thank the Academy's art department for what they've done to his body. Pictured in full below, the poster intended to accompany an annoying "We Are Music" website -- that you probably shouldn't access unless you're prepared to crash your browser -- is a crude bit of "this guy sings about winter stuff, so let's put him in an icy motif" design.

Before we continue, this is the whole damn thing:

Bon Iver's Grammys poster is far worse than Skrillex's

This, and the rest of the "We Are Music" posters have been kicking around online for at least a week, but those looking for a fresh tie-in to Vernon's quite-old comments about the Grammys and an amusing little Bon Jovi meme, latched onto the poster yesterday. Not only is the shot rather unflattering to begin with, it almost looks like he's extending the middle finger of his strumming hand.

In all probability, the record label pressure on Bon Iver to perform on the Grammys will be to great for him to turn it down, especially if he's going to win things. He could always take a page out of the Arcade Fire's book and instead of BMX bikes encircling him onstage, have a bunch of snowshoeing folks set the tone.

Will this "leaking" of the poster lead to more viewership? The 350,000-ish folks who purchased Bon Iver aren't anywhere close to the other artists in the campaign -- Adele, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, er, Skrillex -- boost the night could get.

Still, I'm far more surprised today that Skrillex fans aren't talking about how excellent his poster turned out. If there's anything that seems to capture the essence of what his fans see, feel, and hear -- in all the ways that the Bon Iver poster does not -- it's this poster (below).  

Bon Iver's Grammys poster is far worse than Skrillex's

So far, searches for "Skrillex Grammy poster" yield very little. If there's a market to tap into for bridging the gap to future viewers for the show, it would seem that focusing on an artist embraced by a bunch of non-cynic kids, who literally have no idea what a Grammy is, would be a smarter bet than a bunch of over-literate white people who probably feel that they should not be gathering in a big room and looking at each other and pretending that this is important.

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