Bon Iver erotic fan fiction hits Tumblr

Bon Iver erotic fan fiction hits Tumblr

This won't be the first or last time that pictures of a famous man are paired with funny captions simulating fantasy situations. Ryan Gosling certainly got his due recently. But is the world really ready for Bon Iver erotic fan fiction on Tumblr?

Within the last couple days, a bunch of photos of the band's frontman Justin Vernon were captioned with various scenarios like "Bon Iver brought me fresh-brewed coffee in a mug he'd carved out of the branch of a tree that fell in the wind."

Now, it's old news to mention that Bon Iver is the band, but just imagine all of these dreamy visions of a morning after featuring not one scruffy bedmate, but ten! It's doubtful that any of these are originating from Vernon's recent collaborator Astronautalis after their cozy weekend recording together in Wisconsin. Regardless, this is marginally better than having a blog devoted to wondering "Who is Bon Iver?"

If you dare, enter the fantasy world at

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