Bon Iver curses, but Bonny Bear is deadly (VIDEO)

The confusion over how to pronounce and spell Bon Iver was recently a phenomenon confined to nothing close to the mainstream press. After Justin "fuck you, Grammys" Vernon's band picked up a couple of the awards on Sunday, things got heavier and meme-ier.

One of the most common misspellings that has emerged from the way Carrie Underwood announced the winner of Best New Artist -- still wishing Skrillex had won and Tony Bennett had read the card, strictly for amusement's sake -- is "Bonny Bear." And this bit of humor comes to life in a surprisingly gory new skit created by Chicago improv troupe Funemployed.

From the folks who brought you the hyper-violent "Arcade Fire Hipster Attack," here is the neck-snapping Bonny Bear beatdown.

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