Bon Iver announces winners of remix contest


When it was announced back in August that Bon Iver was holding a remix contest for the songs featured on the Grammy-award winning Bon Iver, Bon Iver, bedroom musicians and talented musical alchemists from around the globe all had visions of winning the $1,000 prize, as well as having their mix included in the exclusive Spotify compilation.

With nearly 2000 entries, the project not only caught the interest of the music community at large, but generated some truly wonderful reinterpretations of the stirring original material. And now the ten winning remixes have just been announced.

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Bon Iver announces remix contest
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Indaba Music, Spotify, and Bon Iver have just made available the ten remixes that won the competition, as well as some local-heavy takes by the likes of Dosh, Alpha Consumer, and videographer Dan Huiting's collaboration with Adam Rucinski tacked on as friends-of-the-band bonus tracks (and, with the addition of drummer S. Carey's take on "Minnesota, WI," horn player Reggie Pace's reworking of "Hinnom, TX," and drummer Matt McCaughan's remix of "Calgary," members of the band themselves).

It's intriguing to hear how these individual remixers take their own distinct approach to manipulating and reshaping the stems of the original songs that were offered up to the contestants while crafting something new but certainly familiar in the process. And the amount of sonic space instilled within the work in the first place certainly allows for a wide array of interpretations and reimagining of the original songs.

The 10 remixes follow the track listing from Bon Iver, Bon Iver, keeping the running order and underlying essence and flow of the record intact while at the same time creating an innovative, transformational listening experience for fans who have certainly taken the original versions of these songs to heart.

Give a listen to the winning remixes below and see if any stand out:

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