BOMP! moves to the Nomad World Pub


BOMP!, the monthly night of utter mayhem hosted by the Moon Goons, has been floating around in search of a permanent home ever since the Bedlam closed last July and displaced the popular dance night. The Moon Goons have cut ties with their most recent home, Nick and Eddie, and will be testing out a new spot this Friday when BOMP! debuts at the Nomad World Pub.

[jump] While the Nomad will bring BOMP! back to the West Bank and closer to its roots at the old Bedlam space, it will remain to be seen whether the significantly smaller setting of the Nomad will be able to accommodate the throngs of 18+ party fiends who typically turn out for the event. The Moon Goons note that the Nomad will be setting up two different dance floors for their event in addition to two outdoor patios. 

In addition to regular DJs Jonathan Ackerman, Josh Clancy, and Travis Stearns, the Moon Goons will welcome Jimmy2Times to sit in while he's visiting from his new home in NYC.

Check the flyer for more details on Friday's BOMP!