Bombay Sweets video hits the airwaves

Bombay Sweets video hits the airwaves

After much deliberation, Grumdahl decides on "vibes."

It's more than years that separate the Selby Tigers, the Twin cities most raucous rock act of the previous musical epoch, and the Bombay Sweets, Nathan Grumdahl's new one-man band. Where the Selby tigers were the bratty, punk-postured rock icons that defined their days in the scene, Bombay Sweets is a sneakier, softer touch on garage rock themes.

Today, the Sweets released a quick, DIY video to accompany Grumdahl's song "I Don't Wanna Be Your Soldier Anymore," a compact and intriguing three-chord single. Head below the jump to check it out, and to read a few of Grumdahl's words.

"I Don't Wanna Be Your Soldier Anymore," written by, directed by, and starring Nathan Grumdahl.

From Grumdahl's email to Gimme Noise:

I made it sort of spur of the moment, and in true one man
band style.  It all started with my car almost getting towed, missing an
appointment, and...well, its a long story.  I am the editor, actor, and
director.  The crew of one.  It is the first video (anything) I have ever
done.  Really for anything.  Even home movies.

Not too damned bad, for a first timer or no. Music videos have become a pretty dangerous genre for rock music, muddled with hopeless cliches. But the Sweets' first entry is perfectly elemental, and does just what a music video should--compliment its song, and make you hungry for more.

Luckily, the Bombay Sweets play this Saturday at the Turf Club with Awesome Snakes and Teenage Strangler. Curious to see Grumdahl pull it off live? Start lacing up your Sorrels and counting your bus fare. The turf will be the place to be this Saturday.

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