Bollywood: We have a crush on every track of ours

Bollywood: We have a crush on every track of ours
Photo by Shari Simonsen

Art and music come closer than ever with Minneapolis band Bollywood. Respectively, Bollywood was comprised of two musicians, Justin Sehorn and Preston Saari, but they found their band come to fruition with the addition of graffiti pop artist Mark Vomit. The band is set to release their new album OK Animal, a set of songs deemed as experimental, but skims the expectations set by the band, fully aware of its own sounds and moving inwards to an introspectiveness that lands in the right spot. 

Gimme Noise spoke with Justin on how he met Preston and Mark and how the project came together before the band's album release at Cause on Saturday evening.

Band Members: Justin Sehorn, Preston Saari, Mark Vomit

Gimme Noise: How did Bollywood form, and what drew you guys to start making music together?

Justin Sehorn: After Preston and I destroyed our last band, we wanted to start from scratch. We did away with verses and choruses and would totally submerse ourselves in a simple loop. We were listening to a lot of early dub like Lee "Scratch" Perry and King Tubby at the time. While emulating the sounds we heard with our distorted guitars it became quite obvious to us the similarities that psychedelic rock had with dub. Through our experimentation we began recording tracks in the practice space and in basements which became the first EP, This is...

GN: Where did you meet graffiti pop artist Mark Vomit, and what does he bring to the group?

JS: I had been collaborating with Mark on various art projects, a few were an art-zine he self-published called, The Throw-Up and also a conceptual street art project under the name "The Uptown Strangler." I had heard some experimental music he had been making under the name "The Shunting" that consisted of VHS, video games, and YouTube samples. Preston and I had this track "My Song 7," which at the time was just guitars and vocals. I asked him if he would make a beat for it. Once I heard his choice in samples, I knew we needed to make him a member of Bollywood.

GN: What's the world of psychedelic art/music like? Any other psychedelic artists in the Twin Cities or nationally that we should know about?

JS: It's just like being on the internet. A lot of things are called "psychedelic" right now so it is hard to say, but for us, it is about urban decay and information overload. Everyone should have Me & You Cherry Red by Vampire Hands (R.I.P.).

GN: Any favorite tracks off the album?

JS: We have had a crush on every track of ours at some point. Right now we are in love with our new material and can't wait to start playing out and recording those.

GN: What can we expect to see at the album release show?

JS: A visual/audio collage.

Bollywood will release OK Animal at Cause on Saturday, February 9, 2013 with Fort Wilson Riot and UMAMI.
21+, $6, 9 pm

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