Bob Mould shares first new track from Silver Age, "The Descent"

Bob Mould shares first new track from Silver Age, "The Descent"
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There has been a flurry of activity from Bob Mould as of late. In addition to the just-released remasters of the entire Sugar catalog, and a lengthy U.S. tour which finds Mould rolling into First Avenue on September 15, the celebrated Twin Cities music legend is also set to release a new album, Silver Age, which is coming out on Merge Records on September 4.

The first musical taste we get from Mould's forthcoming release is "The Descent," a blistering, guitar-driven track which certainly echoes the finer moments from Mould's halcyon Sugar days. The number churns with an urgency that has been lacking as of late in Mould's somewhat restrained recent output. And that current spark is perhaps due to the involvement of his new band mates, Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster and Telekinesis bassist Jason Narducy, who provide an energetic, youthful rhythm to support Mould's urgent melody and distinct vocals.

Mould will be performing the Sugar classic Copper Blue in its entirety at his upcoming First Avenue show, as well as mixing in Silver Age material alongside favorites from Mould's illustrious back catalog, featuring hits from his Hüsker Dü days straight through to his solo work. It should provide his longtime fans and new listeners alike the opportunity to connect with the first-rate songs found on Copper Blue as well as hear what direction Mould is taking his sound in these days.

And if "The Descent" is any indication, Mould seems to be reinvigorated and ready to turn a bold new chapter in his storied musical career. Wurster and Narducy will also be playing alongside Mould during his current tour, and it will truly be interesting to hear how these (relatively) younger musicians influence and affect Mould's revered older work.

Tickets to Bob Mould's show at First Avenue on September 15 are on sale now.

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