Bob Feldman, 1949 - 2006

Bob Feldman, founder and president of Red House Records, died in his St. Paul home Wednesday. Jon Bream's obit in the Star Tribune has more details. Jon Dolan's feature on Red House from 1998 has more details about the importance of Feldman's independent spirit.

The last time I saw Feldman was in the fall. We were walking our dogs at the dog park near the Mississippi River with our families. He and his wife, Beth Friend, gushed to us about how beautiful the woods and river are in the winter, and how the dogs love to romp through the snow.

We talked fast and furiously about our latest mutual fave, Eliza Gilkyson, who had recently released her tremendous Paradise Hotel on Red House. He was thrilled that it was getting airplay on The Current.

When I think of Feldman's terrific radio show, Urban Folk, on KFAI-FM, I go back to the river. I was tooling around one Sunday afternoon during the Winter Carnival a few years ago, looking for the medallion, and he played Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows." It was such a perfect moment, all these souls with nothing better to do than sift through the snow looking for a little prize, and Cohen/Feldman commenting on the madness of the outside world.

I can still hear the enthusiasm in his voice. I can still hear the enthusiasm in his records. I discovered so much music from him. Please feel free to leave your own memories about Feldman in the comments section below on this very sad day.