Bob Dylan’s skipping the Cities, playing Mankato for the first time in 23 years

"Hello Mankato! [indecipherable mumbling]"

"Hello Mankato! [indecipherable mumbling]" PA Wire

What’s Mankato like in October?

If you’re a Dylan fan in the Twin Cities, the old guy’s giving you a good excuse to find out.

Dylan announced a slew of dates this morning for the latest leg of his Never Ending Tour, and he won’t be passing through Minneapolis or St. Paul.

En route from Ames to Milwaukee, he’ll be stopping off at the Key City, where he'll play the Civic Center, on October 24. Tickets range from $49.50-$89.50 and go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. via Ticketmaster.

That’ll mark two years almost exactly since Dylan last performed in Minnesota, at the Xcel Energy Center on October 25, 2017. But it’ll be his first show in Mankato since November 1996.

That previous concert, also at the Civic Center, was apparently a rowdy one, with fans rushing the stage throughout. Joe Tougas of the Mankato Free Press loved it, saying years later, “I'd seen Dylan a dozen times before that show and probably a dozen times after, and the Mankato performance was by far the best.”

However, one Dylan diehard in attendance, not quite ready to admit that the waters around her had grown, was startled by youth behaving as though they were at some sort of … rock show or something. “Immediately, the kids down front began to surf the crowd...jumping up on stage and then diving back off into the audience…,” she wrote. “One young man got up, beat his chest, then unzipped his pants and pulled them down before taking his leap.”

She continued: “The music was great, but it was hard to concentrate on it with all the commotion...I did my best. I had decided early on that I would stand my ground NO MATTER WHAT. These kids couldn't get the best of me.”

Turns out the whole show is on YouTube. Watch for yourself if you’re so inclined.