Bob Dylan's 70th birthday celebrations start this weekend

Bob Dylan's 70th birthday celebrations start this weekend

Next Tuesday, May 24, Minnesota's oldest enigma turns 70 years old. Not surprisingly, there are a few celebrations planned around town, and some reminiscences elsewhere as well.

First and most corporeally: the Million Dollar Bash celebration this Saturday, May 21st at the Kitty Cat Klub. Faux Jean, Patches and Gretchen, Jennie Kalpin of Luke's Angels, and six other performers will be honoring Bob's big day by - how else (other than recreating some of his more famous press conferences)? - playing his music. DJs Lucas Stensland and Christian Fritz will also be pulling out the deep cuts. You can find all the information you need right here.

That same night, MPR and The Current will be kicking off their weekend of Dylanry, starting at 7PM Saturday night with the broadcast of "Boy of the North Country: Bob Dylan in Minnesota," an hour-long documentary on the early years Dylan spent in Minnesota. The following morning, disc jockey Bill DeVille will be hosting a little marathon of his own on The Current. Bill will be spinning a song for each year of Dylan's life, starting at 8AM and continuing on until the last notes of "Like A Rolling Stone." As always, The Current will be streaming the event online.

And finally, a blast-from-the-past cyberspace excavation from Rolling Stone, no strangers to covering them some Bob. Late last week, the magazine released their compiled holdings, new and old, stretching way back to their first interview with Dylan in 1969. Features also include some new entries as well, like "My Favorite Dylan Song", "10 Best Bootlegs", and more. You can see all of the coverage here.

However you choose to honor our nation's most notorious chameleon please, do it diagonally.

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