Bob Dylan sculpture could be coming to Duluth

Bob Dylan sculpture could be coming to Duluth
Two views of the prototype of the proposed Bob Dylan sculpture.

In person, Bob Dylan is just over 5'6". But a 12-and-a-half-foot likeness of him might soon tower over Duluth if a new $160,000 Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal. Sculptor Tom Page is spearheading the project, dubbed Dylan by Duluth, which is meant to "capture Dylan in his earlier years, as he steps out of the Iron Range and onto the world stage," and donate the results to the city. As you can see above, his coat is literally blowing in the wind, and features key song titles and lyrics.

The project is supported by Duluth mayor Don Ness, and if successfully funded, will be completed by the spring or summer of 2014. While driving north on Highway 61 has always been a trip down memory lane, this aims to make the city near Dylan's birthplace more of a fan's destination.

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Just like any massive Kickstarter project, there are a wealth of rewards for tiered giving. $4 gets you a ticket to the public unveiling of the statue. Page says Dylan by Duluth is still working with the city to find the best location for the statue. Starting at $75 and above, fans can get their name engraved on the plaques surrounding the statue.

For a $1,000 donation to the cause, the more rabid fans can get a scale model of the finished statue that is expected to be about 18-24 inches tall. Put those bobble head dolls back in the drawer. And finally, $1,500 -- the "Bootleg" level -- will net the benevolent donor their name on one of 35 plaques found at the base of the statue commemorating each of Dylan's studio albums.

Here is Don Ness pledging his support to Dylan by Duluth:

And, here's the Kickstarter video detailing the project:

Bob Dylan himself, who was recently nominated for France's Legion d'Honneur, will likely hear about this statue project soon enough as he his set to perform in Duluth at Bayfront Park on July 9. More info on the show here.

Check out the entire Dylan by Duluth project at its official Kickstarter page. We'll be monitoring its progress closely.

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