Bob Dylan randomly appears on 'Pawn Stars' reality show


Here's a random hilarious thing swimming around the internet this week: On one of last season's episodes of reality show Pawn Stars, which chronicles the day-to-day dealings of a now-famous pawn shop in downtown Las Vegas, one of the store's workers decides to take to the streets of the city on a day while Dylan is in town to play a show in order to get a vinyl copy of Self Portrait signed. And you know what? He actually finds him and snags the autograph on camera.

[jump] The segment has been uploaded to YouTube in three clips -- the second video actually has Dylan in it while the other two provide more context about the piece of vinyl -- and it provides a surprisingly candid glimpse at ol' Bob meandering down a Vegas street and being approached by a fan. And get this: dude's go-to move when he bids farewell is to give a fist bump.

Here's the intro, where some random guy comes into the store expecting to get $150 for his old used copy of Self Portrait (nice try, man, though he still amazingly manages to get $50 for it):

Here's the segment with Dylan:

And here's the conclusion, which is presumably a lot funnier if you actually know the characters and watch the show: