Bob Dylan crew impostor stiffs pizza joint on $3,900 bill

A man pretending to work on Bob Dylan's touring crew really ruined a Friday night for the staff of Antonio's Pizza in Ahmerst, Mass. this weekend.

The guy showed up to Antonio's shortly before close and ordered 178 pizzas -- all gourmet -- that he said were for Dylan and his staff. He was wearing backstage passes for the nearby Dylan show, and even promised a big tip on the $3,900 order, reports the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

The Antonio's staffers were apparently too star-struck to ask for a deposit, usually standard protocol for big orders. They stayed up until 5:30 am -- three and a half hours past normal closing time -- baking the pizzas.

They never saw the guy again.

When he didn't show, the epically let down employees called local police.

Amherst police are investigating the crime, but so far haven't caught the Dylan crew impostor. With any luck, the shop's surveillance tapes will give the police some leads.

Perhaps the worst part of it all: Antonio's couldn't give away the nearly 200 pizzas fast enough the next day, and ended up tossing more than half of them.

Bob Dylan affiliates are presumably no longer to be trusted in the town of Amherst.

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