Bob Dylan crew imposter fesses up to weird pizza prank


Last month, we reported on a bizarre story of Bob Dylan impersonation that left a Massachusetts pizza joint stiffed on an order for 178 pizzas. An unidentified man purported to be a member of Dylan's touring crew, ordered $4,000 worth of pizzas, kept the staff up until 5:30 a.m. filling his order, and then disappeared.

[jump] Turns out the pizza-ordering imposter is a New Jersey native, and his lawyer has stepped forward to say that his client is a "decent enough" guy and that he intends to repay the shop for his prank.

The man, who was wearing a backstage pass from the nearby Bob Dylan show at the University of Massachusetts, told the shop workers that he would return in several hours for the pizzas, and the workers were apparently too star-struck to ask for identification. The shop was able to sell some of the pizzas before they went bad, but many were thrown out.

Looks like this odd story came to a peaceful resolution just in time for the holidays.