Bob Dylan account falsely tweets about the death of Britney Spears

She's alive, Bob!

She's alive, Bob! Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP; Leonid Naidiouk/AP

First the good news: Britney Spears is alive and taking selfies. Now onto the wackier news: Those who follow Bob Dylan on Twitter may have heard otherwise on Monday.

And no, the Nobel laureate from Hibbing, Minnesota, wasn't playing it fast, loose, and grim with the facts -- his account was hacked! So was the Sony Music Entertainment account, and the culprit appears to be notorious hacker group OurMine, Hollywood Reporter, er, reports

Here's a screen-grab of the now-deleted madness, courtesy of Pitchfork: 

This Twitter hoax, however dumb and ephemeral, does give us a chance to prepare: How will you online mourn the inevitable demises of Dylan and Spears? Let us know in the comments! The smart money says Dylan would be teary-eyed emoji about the death of Britney, though there's approximately zero percent chance he's ever personally fired off a tweet.

Back to the realm of reality ...

Dylan is currently taking a breather from not attending his Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm; he'll resume touring -- in Sweden, no less -- come April. The living, breathing Spears -- whose latest album, Glory, was named a year-end favorite by two City Pages critics -- resumes her Las Vegas residency in January.