Boa constrictors, romantic betrayal, and ‘Jurassic Park’ fatherhood in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos


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Few things are more fleeting than Minnesota spring.

Prince said it best when he wrote “Sometimes It Snows in April”—as long as we live here, we should never get comfortable with the good things. But while this way of thinking keeps people motivated and in the moment, it also discourages any positive forecasting.

Though the skies may oscillate hourly from gray to blue to bluish gray, it’s important keep an eye on the horizon. If things are looking up, celebrate that shit. Earmark future successes. That’s what these five local acts are doing. It’s the only way to make it through to summer.

Ben Noble—“Little One” (PREMIERE)

Ben Noble is perhaps one of the best-trained vocalists working the local scene. He doesn’t need to be dressed up or well-lit to totally disarm you with his voice, as he shows in the video for his new song “Little One.” For the video, Noble and violinist Hilary Ritchie sit in a living room, filling the cozy environment with huge, careful waves of emotion. On May 25, Noble will do the same at Solid State Records. Bring your tissues.

The Christopher David Hanson Band“Over My Head” (PREMIERE)

Fun-loving folkster Christopher David Hanson and his band spent a chunk of time touring northern Minnesota supporting their recent release Hoodang. They captured some of the more tantalizing vistas, turning them into the tranquil video for “Over My Head.” Hanson brushed the amateur footage with primary colors, giving his song of love gone awry a poetic, faraway feel.

Reed Benjamin—“Life Finds a Way”

Jurassic Park was more than giant piles of triceratops shit and sexy Jeff Goldblum. At the heart of the dino blockbuster is a treatise about the perseverance of the natural world—as encapsulated in the phrase “Life Finds a Way.” South Minneapolis rapper Reed Benjamin found inspiration in this philosophy, using it as a metaphor for his own determination to make life better for him and his young son. Travis Mills of Snowset Studios directs the video for title track “Life Finds a Way,” and Major G provides the beat.

Shades of Dissonance“Molly”

Love is a real kick in the gonads. Just ask new Minnesota rock band Shades of Dissonance. The video for their debut single, “Molly,” follows a poor sonofabitch (actor Sam Neilsen) as he tries to shake the memory of rejection from his love (played by Alyssa Eggersgluss). Jake Otto directs the lovelorn madness to its shred-heavy conclusion. The single comes from Shade of Dissonance’s upcoming debut EP, Omega.

Longley“Bust Those”

St. Paul rapper Longley cites Earl Sweatshirt, Eminem, Tyler, the Creator, and Danny Brown among his influences, but the frog-throated MC has a style all his own. His new single “Bust Those” showcases a new, edgier direction for Longley, as he raps mercilessly over sinister beat. Gabe Hostetler of Youngvision Films shoots the video for “Bust Those,” making Longley look like a certified badass as he stares down the lens with a boa constrictor climbing up his arm.

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