BNLX share new song, "1929," finalize BNLXFest lineup, launch LP pre-order

BNLX share new song, "1929," finalize BNLXFest lineup, launch LP pre-order
Photo By Erik Hess

To continue to build anticipation for their forthcoming full-length debut, and to get people even more psyched for the excellent BNLXFest at Cause on November 16-17, BNLX have just released another stellar new track from their upcoming self-titled album.

"1929" is a soaring, moody but melodic number which equates the shaky financial footing of the U.S. leading up to the big stock market crash of '29 with the current state of affairs in this country. Definitely some heady socio-political stuff to work into a 3-minute pop song, especially one with as crushing a chorus of "1929," but the veteran Minneapolis trio does it perfectly.

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BNLX have also just finalized the full lineup for their two-day BNLXFest at Cause, with Fury Things joining International Karate, Two Harbors, Blue Sky Blackout and, of course, BNLX on Friday night's terrific bill.

While Gloss rounds out the fantastic lineup on Saturday night along with Pink Mink, Me And My Arrow, Wiping Out Thousands, and another BNLX set.

BNLX share new song, "1929," finalize BNLXFest lineup, launch LP pre-order

Doors are at 9 p.m. for both nights, with music starting shortly afterwards. Both evenings should be a stellar representation of not only where the vibrant Twin Cities music scene has been in the past, but also the exciting new direction that these bands are taking it into the future.

BNLX have also just launched a pre-sale for the vinyl edition of their self-titled full-length, with the record being available for a limited time at the phenomenally low price of $9.99, with a digital download of the full album included with your purchase.

The BNLX LP will be available in stores beginning on November 13 on 180g 12" vinyl, CD, and digital download.

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