Bloodnstuff play Best New Bands showcase tonight, need help finishing their debut record

Local noise-rock duo Bloodnstuff (or Blood&stuff?) are not only gearing up to play tonight's Best New Bands showcase at First Avenue, but they are also feverishly trying to put the finishing touches on their highly anticipated debut album. Singer/guitarist Ed Holmberg and drummer Dylan Gouret are both former members of the untamed experimental outfit Economy Team, and are veterans of the local scene, having played in bands together now for 10 years.

And now they are looking towards the Twin Cities music community (and beyond) for help, and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them raise the funds they need to mix and master their record.

The guys are quite close to reaching their modest goal, and are looking for that final push that gets them over the top. But their Monday deadline for reaching their goal is fast approaching, and if they don't get to that set level their Kickstarter campaign fails.

Perhaps many of you who attend tonight's Best New Bands show at the Ave will be so blown away by the band (they are excellent live) that you will pledge what you can when you get home, just so we can all finally hear how their fiery, unhinged live show translates to the studio. It's a worthy mission from a deserving band who I'm sure we'll all be hearing more from in the future.

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