Blind Shake tonight at Sauce

Blind Shake tonight at Sauce

The Blind Shake. Photo by Ben Clark.

Between the Blind Shake's pulverizing garage rock, trivia's mentally demoralizing properties, and Sauce's penchant for doling out PBR tall boys on the cheap, your brain really doesn't stand a snowball's chance tonight.

On the upside, whatever's left of your battered cranium will be all the more conditioned to enjoy the Vikes game, which Sauce has allowed onto their single television screen for the evening.

Quite the menagerie, we admit. But we're certainly not complaining.

The Blind Shake live at the Turf, as filmed by lifeofcinnamongirl.

The Blind Shake, as our legion of loyal readers surely know, made our short list of best albums of the last year with Cold Town/Soft Zodiak, their sophomore collaboration with noise god Michael Yonkers. With Yonks' unfortunate retirement from live performance, the Blind Shake will be the fearsome threesome once more. But as much of an addition Yonkers proved to be, Blind Shake are somehow not gravely decreased by his absence, which is a great testament to their performative abilities.

Meanwhile, trivia. You know, where two cool bar dudes read expertly researched questions that, despite their topics being right in your wheelhouse, seem perfectly placed to be just out of reach for your two-beer-buzz.

As for the Vikes? We won't fault any Uptown rock hipsters for letting their eyes secretly stray towards the T.V. set. After all, man's inhumanity to man always makes for good viewing. And with the 11-3 Vikes going up against the 5-9 Bears, you can expect tonight's game to be even more inhumane than usual.

21+. 7:30 P.M.  Free. Sauce Soundbar, 3001 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis.

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