Blind Shake & Michael Yonkers announce CD release show


Michael Yonkers recording Microminitaure Love.

Hard to believe it's already been 2 years since local rockers the Blind Shake coaxed the iconic noise-rock forefather Michael Yonkers out of a decades long hiatus from band life to record Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons.

Father time isn't cruel- he's just sneaky as hell. In fact, he's been exceedingly kind to that 2007 collaborative album-- praise for it has increased, esteem for it has elevated, and the album will likely go down as one of the great local rock monuments of this decade.

The Blind Shake.

Mollifying news, then, that Yonkers and the Blaha brothers have once again teamed up for their sophomore release Cold Town/ Soft Zodiak, and have announced a most populous and ambitious release show. It will take place on Saturday, July 25, it will be free, it will be in the Grumpy's parking lot, and the Evening Rig, Gay Witch Abortion, and Private Dancer will open.


Yonkers has long been a household name in the devotees of fringe music, the shadowed periphery that has nurtured his signature brand of noise-rock (and straight up noise) for decades. Strangely, it took the young, local rock three-piece the Blind Shake to make his name known to a generation of young listeners, for whom scouting out a SubPop reissue of Yonkers' 1968 Microminiature Love was't feasible for one reason or another.

Their union isn't as unlikely as it seems. One listen to Microminiature and you can hear the very living source from which the Blind Shake has mined so much noisy ore. Their affinity for two- or three-part repetition unites them, despite a gulf of multiple generations separating them from one another.

Yonkers' live performance life has been severly clipped by a spine injury some decades ago-- which means that a chance to see him perform is a fast diminishing opportunity. Take it while you can, and see him in collaboration with a band that reveres him as a spirit animal.

Saturday, July 25. 21+. Free. 4:00 P.M. With the Evening Rig, Gay Witch Abortion, and Private Dancer.  Grumpy's Downtown, 1111 Washington Avenue, Minneapolis; 612.340.9738.