Blind Minnesota guy dazzles during blind audition on The Voice

Blind Joe on <i>The Voice</i>

Blind Joe on The Voice

NBC singing competition The Voice — unlike those image-obsessed yahoos over at American Idol (RIP) — is predicated on blind auditions. The blindness was twofold on Tuesday night's episode, as Joe "Blind Joe" Bommersbach, a literally blind resident of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, dazzled celebrity judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell Williams. 

"This is a truly blind audition," Bommersbach wisecracked ahead of his performance. After his twangy take on Adele song "If It Hadn't Been for Love," the 32-year-old North Dakota native had all four judges pleading their cases to be his coach. Bommersbach eventually decided on Shelton, his kindred cowboy hat spirit.

"How cool would it be to see you and Ronnie Milsap jamming out at the CMA Awards or something after you win this freaking thing?," country-bro Shelton reasoned. "Dude, you've overcame so much, it's time to start reaping some rewards; I'd be honored to introduce you Nashville." 

Levine, the dreaded/quippy archrival to Shelton, attempted to intercept, but ol' Blake shut him down, offering, "There's only one Blind Joe in the freakin' world. Come home, come to my team." 

You can follow the saga of Blind Joe next Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC. 

Last year Minnesota's Kat "Rockin' Nanny" Perkins finished third on The Voice.