Blind ambition, Midwest Illuminati, and pure devotion in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Finding Novyon

Finding Novyon YouTube

Don’t believe in Fool’s Spring.

The good days are here. After a season of toil, a dreary stretch of darkness and cold, Minnesota has received the gift of spring. It’s the ultimate reward of Minnesota life, the thing that makes every other indignity worth it.

Living with the cynicism of winter won’t do you any good. These days are indeed fleeting, but you gotta attack them with hope and eagerness. This is the Spring of Possibility. Get out there and find some music.

Finding Novyon – “Frustrations”

Ambition can be a killer. In his new song “Frustrations,” Finding Novyon laments the grind and how he drives himself near-insane pushing for success. Even when he does succeed, he can’t allow himself a moment to enjoy it. Every moment spent celebrating is a moment not spent working. Jake Handegard of Morningside Films captures Novyon’s bout of introspection, orbiting the rapper with a drone while he spills his guts.

Comets Ov Cupid – “Scythian Funeral”

North Dakota space-metal band Comets Ov Cupid packed up a camera and a full stack and headed out for Nekoma to challenge the Illuminati. They pulled up at the Stanley R. Mickelson Safeguard Program site, a Cold War missile defense compound that is punctuated with an ominous radar pyramid. And then they rocked the fuck out for six minutes. Though it’s an instrumental, “Scythian Funeral” pays tribute to this obscure monument to military dumbassery, capturing the paranoia and distrust of the age.

Mac Irv ft. Mac Turner – “Say”

Northside rapper Mac Irvshows off his sensitive side on his new song “Say.” With a little help from Mac Turner and director Henry Ariza, Irv spins the “Shout” chorus into a soulful ballad. The Macs take the song to praise the loves in their life, proclaiming their devotion. In the coursing, disastrous world of hip-hop, having a steadying partner goes a long way, and the Hometown Hero is here to say thank you.

Ghostmouth – “My Heart’s an Ocean”

Do not attempt to adjust your television: Ghostmouth’s new video for “My Heart’s an Ocean” is intentionally blurry and distorted. The single takes you inside the multi-instrumentalist’s creative process. From behind a screen of pink interference, you see Ghostmouth as he lays down trumpet and flute, messing with a sound board. Without the static, you might get a little too close to the heart of the song, and we can’t have that. Ghostmouth’s new LP Cool Villaindrops on May 25. See him that night at the Kitty Cat Klub.

MNFOBIA – “No Curfew” and “Fobielove”

Get twisted off two new videos from 18-year-old Minneapolis rapper MNFOBIA. First is “No Curfew,” a raucous ode to the fun of getting faded that features Fah33m. Things get dark quickly on followup “Fobielove,” which features a bleary Hard_R joining MNFOBIA in a self-destructive comedown. Both videos are directed by Daniel Laumann, and both songs are off the new mixtape Fobie a Bitch.