Bleubird's "Time 4real" from Astronautalis-aided Cannonball!!! is out today


"Going for Adds" is a forceful attempt to clog the request lines at our local radio hub the Current with fresh cuts, via blog. Today, a single with Minnesota and Florida implications: Bleubird's "Time 4real."

It's a pleasure to single out Bleubird's Cannonball!!! on the date of its release for a number of reasons. This album was pressed into my fingers by the multi-minded rapper himself on my last night in Fort Lauderdale, and it figured heavily into the same car ride that had so much Semisonic going on. Plus, a delightful story detailing his pimped-out touring RV and work with Astronautalis  by Betsey J. Denberg was the last print piece I edited down there. And, the music bangs out the speakers in pleasurable, unexpected ways.

As it turns out, one of the songs I really latched onto was one of the few on the album without direct involvement with the journeyman rapper-producer-rocker Astronautalis, who has logged serious time in Seattle, Dallas, and Jacksonville before getting to Minneapolis. This current location is somewhat irrelevant because he and Bleubird are currently on the road in Europe.

"Time 4real" was produced by another buddy of this crew who has thus far kept his address in Florida, Radical Face. It also features Ceschi, a Connecticut-based hip-hop artist equally comfortable with blurring the confinements of a strict "hip-hop" genre distinction.

Bleubird provided Gimme Noise with some background on this particular track:

Aside from some posse cuts, Ceschi and I had never actually sat down and made a song together. At the end of the last Freeebird [the name of his RV] run, I happened to be passing through New Haven for a night and caught him at home. He's one of my favorite people in the world, musically and personally, but we rarely get to spend time together.

After we went out to dinner with his grandfather we started talking about the album and its progression. He had a few unfinished pieces that Radical Face had sent him and we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to spend the rest of the night in the studio. I think something we have in common is that we've both been hustling so hard for so many years and caught very little breaks. It's definitely been an uphill battle, but when I see him doing well or getting a little bit of the respect he deserves... it makes me happy, and vice versa.

Musically it accompanies the album perfectly and it added a little much needed "rap flex" which was needed.

In the case of the Current, a little "rap flex" is always a good thing when building up a playlist. The melodic hook helps the track take on a contemplative vibe that softens some rapid barbs from Bleubird, who correctly proclaims, "I ain't never been accused of not trying hard enough/ had my guts served up in a gold plated cup." Sometimes working hard is best exhibited by knowing when to pull back from just shouting into the void. Well, let's give it a spin, shall we?

bleubird "Time 4real" ft. Ceschi by Fake Four, Inc.

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