Blame 'all tha click bait': Allan Kingdom mistaken for Young Thug on new Bon Iver track

Kingdom, left, and the artfully obscured face of Bon Iver's Justin Vernon

Kingdom, left, and the artfully obscured face of Bon Iver's Justin Vernon YouTube; Cameron Wittig & Crystal Quinn

First the bad news: Young Thug is not working with Bon Iver, as far as we know. 

The internet was convinced otherwise, as Reddit threads, tweets, and blogs breathlessly speculated that Young Thug -- the androgynously fantastic trap superstar from Atlanta -- could be heard rapping over a new track from Bon Iver, those indie-folk powerhouses from Wisconsin. 

Now the good news: The rapper in question is Allan Kingdom! The 24-year-old St. Paul MC confirmed as much via Twitter, prompting an update from The Fader magazine. The Kingdom-featuring song has been performed during Bon Iver's recent live shows with TU Dance, a fearless, politically charged collaboration called "Come Through" that wowed our critic last week at the Palace Theatre.

On this bootleg snippet recorded last month at Massachusetts museum MASS MoCA, Kingdom's voice appears at about the 18-second mark: 

We slid into Kingdom's DMs to ask if, in fact, that's him on the Bon Iver track, and why he thinks the internet got so confused. 

"Yup," he responded, "and the confusion is 'cause of all tha click bait." 

Follow-up, Mr. Kingdom: Do you think you sound like Young Thug? 

"What type of question is that lolol," he typed back. 

Fair enough! 

Kingdom and Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon are both Kanye West collaborators, the former on West's Grammy-nominated 2015 single "All Day," the latter on Kanye albums My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) and Yeezus (2013). You can -- and probably should -- revisit Yeezy wobbling and Justin dancin' all nifty in this Francis & the Lights music video.

"I love Justin the way Kanye loves Kanye," West informed BBC Radio 1 in 2016, adding that the Eau Claire-born Vernon is his "favorite living artist."

Things might not be as cool between Kingdom and West, however. As Ye mounted his triumphantly confusing return to Twitter this past week, Kingdom seems to have put him on blast: 


Anyway, stay tuned for additional details about the forthcoming Kingdom-Bon Iver track; it's unclear what, if any, plans Bon Iver and TU Dance have to release recorded versions of the "Come Through" performance.

This much we do know: Kingdom just teased a new EPPeanut Butter Prince, due out June 11. "Know About It," one of his hooky cuts off last year's LINES, won our coveted Best Earworm prize.