Blackcloud Stallionheart: 2009

There are solo artists whose names appears on album covers even though a full band plays, and there are solo artists who make the songs their own, taking center stage and leaning on their own instrumentation and vocals to represent their work. Blackcloud Stallionheart, also known as Adam Burt (STNNNG, Total Fucking Blood, the Vets) is among the latter group. While Burt may be a veteran TC rocker, his Blackcloud Stallionheart moniker takes a new approach, bringing a contemplative and thoughtful artist instead of aggressive rock. 

Beginning with the noisy instrumental title track, Burt quickly establishes an ambient, disjointed, and foreboding feel. As the opener bleeds into "Eternal Plamegate," the wandering licks and intermittent fingerpicking supply a more fluid, exploratory feel. With minimal vocals (all in Burt's tenor) and occasional rhythmic backing, the songwriting takes a personal, unadorned, and guitar-first approach. The lyricism adds to the already somber tone, and the music comes across as an atmospheric soundscape with guitar solos serving as the peaks and valleys. Blackcloud Stallionheart's songs craft moods by exploring the horizons and forcing unexpected turns rather than focusing on melody, hooks, or genre. 2009 is music to sit back and put your feet up to—it's thinkin' music, albeit with glimpses of humor and samples to lighten the mood. 

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