Black Flag tattoo photo shoot at Triple Rock tonight


From Barred For Life's Myspace page.

Are you one of the legions of Twin Cities hipster punks currently sporting the black bars? Perhaps a reformed straight edger that still finds solace in the iconic logo of Black Flag? Maybe just a graphic designer who found the logo irresistably simple and iconic?

Whatever your excuse is, if you've got the flag bars tatted on you anywhere (and we do mean anywhere), get yourself to the Triple Rock tonight. Barred For Life is a future book project about the proliferation of the classic punk tattoo. They've been on tour for three weeks, with one week to go, and tonight they'll be doing photo shoots and quick interviews tonight at the Triple Rock.

From the Myspace page for the project:

The purpose of this book is to document a growing trend in an entire generation of people rallying around an image that seems to project a lot of good energy. The Bars have all but transcended the band, Black Flag, and are now this point of reference; a statement that you are a punk and that you have some pretty fucking high ideals for living in this nightmare we call modern life. So, yeah, don't fuck around with an opportunity like this, okay.

We've perused the photos currently uploaded to the Myspace page--these are no slouch jobs. These are extraordinary works of black-and-white portraiture. So if you're worried about being snapped by a hack who doesn't know their Black Flag from their wide angle lens, rest assured--the good people behind Barred For Life are consummate pros. Get out there, tell your story, and grab some tasty 2-4-1s while you're at it.

21+. 6:00 P.M. Free. Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis; 612.333.7399.