Black Eyed Puhleeze: A tweecap of the Super Bowl halftime show

Twitter shines brightest at those moments of all-encompassing togetherness -- blizzards, uprisings, tablet computer magazine launches, bare penises, and duh, the Super Bowl. This year was -- wow -- an explosion of diamond wit at what we'll now call the Tronpocalypse, or the Black Eyed Peas' truly awful halftime show. 

Instead of trying to top some of the cleverest people EVER, let's just share and share alike, shall we?

First, some video (unless you're reading this on like, Wednesday afternoon):

And while Lil' Wayne's "live microblogging" for the Wall Street Journal (Murdoch!) was conspicuously silent on the Peas' space opera, plenty weren't:

See you next end of the world...

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