Black Dice announce new full length


Nestled somewhere along the noise music continuum between Harry Pussy and Panda Bear lies Black Dice, the virtuosic and seminal noise troupe from Brooklyn, NY who were being mentioned in the same breaths as Wolf Eyes and Melt Banana when Animal Collective was but a footnote on Pitchfork's blogload.

It's been a rather quiet two years for Black Dice, but they announced yesterday afternoon that Repo, their 5th release, will be made available on Paw Tracks, the illustrious label founded and co-operated by members of Animal Collective. The full length will be available on CD and double LP, and both will come with a 20 page art booklet, and will be made available on April 7, 2009.

Describing a Black Dice song for those who haven't heard it is pure futility. As if deconstructing and analogizing an N'Sync song wasn't hard enough, imagine a musical canvas for which no handy criteria has yet been forged by which to measure, or even define, the craft?  To hear Black Dice is to hear a world in 8 bit, and no one has blown on the cartridge in a decade. Or a mucus membrane being pierced by an ice pick. Rupturous, corrosive, elegant and unruly, Black Dice has winked at many forms, but always from a safe and anarchic distance.

Beaches and Canyons, their debut on DFA, is the material to pay the closest attention to. DFA has a curious talent for signing great acts and watering them down-- here's hoping that Repo proves once and for all that Black Dice are an exception to the rule. And, while we're hoping, here's a crossed finger that the Brooklyn three piece will breeze back this way for a show or two-- their last performance at the Soo Gallery was a year maker for enthusiasts of all things esoteric.

Still bewildered? Check out this video of Black Dice performing "Kokomo" for the BBC.