Black Dice and Wolf Eyes come to Triple Rock this May

Black Dice and Wolf Eyes come to Triple Rock this May

Black Dice.

Rest assured, good readers-- there's nothing that will be coming out of the Triple Rock PA on May 21st that won't make you grind your teeth just a touch.

And that's the whole point, we suppose. Noise music is on a pretty affluent upbounce right now, with its methods and philosophies audible in everything from Crystal Castles and Panda Bear and Wavves, to local acts like Unicorn Basement and Slapping Purses. You may not fully get it. You may even argue if ANYone fully gets it, including the people who make it.

But that shouldn't keep you from the Black Dice and Wolf Eyes show, coming up this May at the Triple Rock.

Yes, it's supposed to sound like that. Wolf Eyes performing live in 2006.

Among noise fans, Black Dice and Wolf Eyes belong to a sacred circle of innovators that also includes AIDS Wolf, who just performed at Big V's with Gay Beast and Unicorn Basement, and overseas imports like Melt Banana. This means that, at the show, you'll find the frontmost rows before the Triple Rock stage packed with the obviously enraptured.

Take a gander at the YouTube clip above, and you may be given reason to wonder if that rapture is feigned or genuine-- certainly, music critics who live their careers out in the broad sunshine of the overworld have as much hostility towards noise music as their predecessors had for punk. And while the two forms share a certain iconoclasm, and are similarly reactive to an industry at a nadir of opulence and empty iconography. it's important to remember who uultimately turned out to be right when punk rock was sending Hit Parade critics running for the exit of the Whiskey A Go Go with a finger in each ear.

If you've never seen noise made live, Black Dice and Wolf Eyes are the ones to see. Who cares if you don't know what to make of it? In this world of absolutes, a little puzzlement never hurt anyone.

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